Travel And Hospitality

In late 2018, Marriott International revealed that a massive cyber attack compromised personal information for up to half a billion individual guests of its properties. The data breach ranks as the second-largest known theft of sensitive personal records to date. Other major organizations in the hospitality industry, including Hilton and Hyatt, have reported similar attacks. The company is giving awareness to the hospitality industry to be ready for other hackers, like those working for a nation-state, could start exploiting hospitality attacks to acquire details on the travel and spending habits of espionage targets, like CEO's and Diplomats. Take together, permeable security in the hospitality sector presently is threating consumer privacy, shareholder value, and national security. Facing a changing regulatory from NITDA on Data protection landscape which designed to heighten responsibility by threatening fines if fail to comply. ACT will offer high standard service to guide hospitality companies in reconsidering their cybersecurity infrastructure and technologies.


Augment your staff with experts who align security to business objectives.

Penetration Testing

Want to work with the best? Our penetration-testing team is one of the best and represented at the Black Hat.

Social Engineering

Testing the level of security training and knowledge your employees truly possess.

Digital Forensics

Plan, Prepare And React To Security Breaches.


The expertise is necessary to protect credit card information.


Built to help organizations prepare for the audit.

Framework Assessments

Methodologies to build powerful information security programs.

Vulnerability Assessment

Enumerating and correcting the issues which directly lead to a breach.

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