Data Recovery Lab-Services

Overview Of Data Recovery Lab-Services 

We'll Get Your Data Back
More than 40,000 recoveries are in our labs each year.
When do you need Stellar® Data Recovery Lab Services?
Thankfully, software can often retrieve lost or deleted data. However, when issues are too complicated or related to physical damage, the second step becomes crucial: Data Recovery Services. Our lab technicians will dedicate their time to troubleshooting the problem and recovering your data from the storage medium at one of our Stellar Data Recovery Labs.

Hard Drive
Recover from physically crashed drive, burnt hard drive, water damaged drive, & more.

SSD Drive
Recover from SSDs having firmware corruption, encryption, or component failure.

Recover data from failed storage drives of laptops, desktops, & workstation PCs.

Recover from FileVault encrypted drive, erased volume, and physically crashed storage.

Recover data from physically damaged Android smartphones and iPhones.

Recover from crashed RAID, Network-attached storage, Storage-attached network & more.

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