Oil And Gas

The Oil and Gas industry has become the second most prone to cyber-attacks with nearly three-quarters of global oil & gas companies experiencing at least one cyber incident annually. Remote cyber attacks on Offshore (Upstream), Pipeline (Midstream), and Refining (Downstream) oil and gas platforms can result in severe consequences to human and environmental safety in the form of ruptures, explosions, fires, releases, and spills. Because of top vulnerabilities, the company designed boosting unified IT-OT Security solutions in the Oil and Gas industry to Safe, continuous monitoring of critical systems and cloud vendor integration. Protect product quality and environmental safety from remote cyber-attacks. Simplify audits, change reviews and security system documentation, replace at least one layer of firewalls in a defense-in-depth architecture and breaking the attach path.


Augment your staff with experts who align security to business objectives.

Penetration Testing

Want to work with the best? Our penetration-testing team is one of the best and represented at the Black Hat.

Social Engineering

Testing the level of security training and knowledge your employees truly possess.

Digital Forensics

Plan, Prepare And React To Security Breaches.


The expertise is necessary to protect credit card information.


Built to help organizations prepare for the audit.

Framework Assessments

Methodologies to build powerful information security programs.

Vulnerability Assessment

Enumerating and correcting the issues which directly lead to a breach.

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