Security Audit & Penetration Testing

ACT is among the topmost trusted companies globally providing innovative and comprehensive Security Testing - Security A

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Managed Security Services(MSP/MSSP)

Defending and Safeguarding critical systems and data is always been more challenging. Today every industry faces intense

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Security Compliance And Governance

Organizations and enterprises face increasing challenges in today's regulated global marketplace. Whether it's r

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Security Consulting Services

Ambassadors will be the only-of-its-kind Total one-stop Information Security Assurance and Solution company that co

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Cyber Security Research And Development

Build and Defend your Enterprise with our combined research-proven security expertise as the new threats are on the rise

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Security Solution And Implementation

 Ambassadors offer a range of services and solutions at a level of perfection that not many others can provide

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Emerging Technologies

According to technology researchers, there will be 220 million connected cars all around the world and we will have 5.8

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We have developed a proprietary approach to assessing information security risks. Our approach gives you a full picture of your risks with recommended solutions for optimal information security management.


We strongly believe in empowering our clients. The more knowledge transfer that occurs, the more value our customers recognize. We fully disclose the methods, tools, and configurations used.


We do not represent any third-party products or services on purpose. Our projects and recommendations stand on their own, with no ulterior motive to sell you things you don’t really need in order to effectively manage your company’s information security.

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